Updated to 0.3


  • Resurrection event
  • Continuation of the main story
  • New Anime world quest with Imira
  • New Anime world quest with Lina and Aeria
  • New quest with Fiona
  • New event in Imira's bar
  • Aeria's photoshoot improvement (new scene with Fiona)
  • New quest with Alice and Gina
  • Cosplay party improvement, added bottle game
  • Added rewards for defeating erasers and option to skip it (reward is clean DVD's, I'll also add more stuff to Iona-3 shop)
  • Added special render reward for Selena hieroglyph puzzle and the tower seal, and option to skip it.
  • New short hidden event with Lina
  • Improved quest menu, added list with all sex scenes in-game, fixed bug where Lina appears in anime world before her quest.


TimelessIsland-0.3-pc.zip 2 GB
Feb 16, 2021
TimelessIsland-0.3-mac.zip 2 GB
Feb 16, 2021
timeless.island-300-androidfullquality.apk 2 GB
Feb 16, 2021
timeless.island-0.3.apk 629 MB
Feb 16, 2021

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