Updated to 0.4


New main story quest
Kaiah's quest and event
Imira's quest
Fiona's quest
Aqua's quest
Quest with Klio, Lina, and Aya
Iona-3 training
Alice's and Selena's night scenes
Alice's shower scene 5 new events in hot sprints (with Imira and Aqua, Kaiah, Klio, Lina, Selena)


timeless.island-4-universal-release.apk 978 MB
Jun 16, 2021
TimelessIsland-0.4-pc.zip 2 GB
Jun 16, 2021
TimelessIsland-0.4-mac.zip 2 GB
Jun 16, 2021

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anyone else having install issues with 4 for android?  dl`ed twice-  still won't install.  goes through all the motions then just says not installed.