Updated to 0.4.2


  • Quest with Alice and Gina
  • Aeria's quest and new feature
  • Quest in Bastet domain, and a new short 'waking up with the kitties' scene after that
  • Aqua's quest and new location
  • Short Yui's quest
  • Quest with Fiona and Daphne
  • A short magic lesson from Imira
  • Kaiah's mind-reading training
  • New conversation between Lina and Selena in the kitchen
  • New scenes in Voyeurist's telescope
  • Redid 4 sex scenes with Klio (handjob, footjob and 2 scenes in the bar)


TimelessIsland-0.4.2-pc.zip 3 GB
Jul 10, 2021
TimelessIsland-0.4.2-mac.zip 3 GB
Jul 10, 2021
timeless.island-402-universal-release.apk 1,016 MB
Jul 10, 2021

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ROFLOL!  Nice!  I just removed it from my tablet b/c it would not update and started again on my PC for THIS update to work on the tablet.  Saves are gone so...starting again.   I like it best on the tablet- it's harder to see the firestones on the PC.

Best. Update. Ever.  Worth replaying from the start. :D