Updated 0.4.4


  • Quest with Klio and Aya
  • Long quest with Selena, Aeria, and Fiona
  • Completed Kaiah mind training
  • Completed Duel quest 
  • Quest with Yui and Helen
  • Quest with Lina
  • Short quest in the Anime world
  • Redid 4 sex scenes (Aeria anal, Fiona bj, and Kaiah bj (in normal and distorted realities))
  • Improved quest log
  • You can now visit Bastet domain (click on Klio when she prays)(edited)


TimelessIsland-0.4.4-pc.zip 3 GB
Aug 04, 2021
TimelessIsland-0.4.4-mac.zip 3 GB
Aug 04, 2021
timeless.island-404-universal-release.apk 1 GB
Aug 04, 2021

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With Misty... although with Aya too :), but during her quest

Visit bastet.....sweet so fun time with Aya on visit yes?