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how do I access the family meeting quest?

and how do I get the warrior skill?

And how do I get to aqua's bar?

think i ran into a glitch. Not entirely sure but, I’m ready to give up on this game. Tried multiple times but have had no success. Im on day 91 currently. Stren-4, stealth-4, mana-100, resist-60%.  3 spells and 5 skills, the girls rp is above 6.  The green scenes are just not working.

Current green missions available:

Sewing supplies

Mad dreams (keeps looping with nothing happening and prevents “more kitties” mission)

More kitties

Find the other way to beat them

Lustful coyote

Between fire and ice

these are the only current missions available, ive been trying to deal with them since day 60, but now at 91 and tried 4 times. I have given up

Why I'm not ready in corridor of destiny?


The story is an easy 10/10, the NSFW scenes are a 9/10, they're okay by themselves but you have a lot of options (viewing angle, speed, etc.) so it's really good. The characters have a great variety in personality and body types, though especially the ones at the very end just get a single sex scene.

Unfortunately, the game felt rather rushed towards the end, the month long training montage was shorter to play through than the week with Imira. In addition, the games casual usage of the f-slur and the r-slur to insult people is highly problematic and frequently pulled me out of the happy fantasy that this game provides.

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I can't believe Timeless Island reached it's final stage but I'm very happy that it did although I hate to see it end, I have to start over from the beginning because the Laptop I was playing on like went nuts and now I can't recover my saves from it. However I remember most of what I have to do in the game like how and where to get the screw driver that was a hard one to figure out. I love this game so much especially the parts where you try to sneak up on the girls depending on who and what they are different things happen to you and you have to learn certain tricks for it. I hope you continue to update Timeless Island in the future, or have another great VN in the works for us. I haven't tried TWA yet but I'll be playing it too next after I restart Timeless Island. I think I'll pay money this time and get those cheat codes.  Thank you, for making such a great game.

игра интересная.Хотел подписаться -но к сожалению с теперешней политикой карту не принимает .                                                                                                    У меня Селена и Фиона не появляются в жилище дриады. 

подскажите как пройти дальше. И если есть какой другой способ оплаты подписки -буду признателен.      


how to find what the key opens for an unexpected find quest?

I'm also stuck here

I cant find the screwdriver to continue the game can someone help me?

Check the boxes in the basement for a few times

Не могу пройти квест "Переговоры", из-за того, что Селена не появляется в приюте дриады.

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So.. it's finally happened... I just 100% completed the game and it was a blast start to finish... Got caught up mid way through... (i.e: Corridors) but got there in the end and the epilogue was so satisfying.

Arioh, hell of a game you've made mate.


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So I got to Corridor of Destiny and now need to train my stats. But I can't train them anymore and I can't find the spells or skills it talks about. Any suggestions? Also I can't get the quest with Yui that requires 'Who Am I' despite it being green.

I got stuck on that too, basically do everything else you can, once you do the 'who am I' quest it opens up a bunch of stuff. To do the Corridors quest, do every quest you can for each specific character that aligns with those stats... For example Lina, (quest everywhere with her: common and anime)

Hey, I realy love that game, but since public release I have the problem, that the game don't show me certain parts of the World (Black screen) and also no Animations anymore (pic below). Any idea how to fix it? :)

Found the problem:
My Speakers weren't connected to the PC and RenPy can run into issues without Speakers.

How to get camera in aeria mission

you can buy it from hologram in the cyberworld

How can i pass this quest

just type the answers

There's a scroll in the Ancient Room. There's also a fire barrier in the Mystery Hotel. Both say under development in 0.9.  Does the final release make use of them or were they forgotten about?

Oh, about scroll... I guess, I just forgot to remove the hovering after lina translated it.
About the Mystery hotel, I don't know yet. I'll probably make it as a separate update or even build. I planned something like a horror quest with a ghost there.

just wondering, if the final release would ever get a public release?

Sure, in a week

Where can I find panties, I'm stuck in panties thief mission 2

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Come to bath when Fiona is there

I've 1 quest (green ) called Warrior skills -incomplete that i am having trouble in gettibg it started just need a hint in right direction.

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You need to learn new fire spells from Imira and beat Lina and Aeria on duel in the anime world 

Had done that .So after your information i rebooted and things are fine now.

Thank yo

Wow,  it's has not been a month since the last update and there is another one!!! Excellent game!! I just couldn't make it through the VR quest for Android, it gives you instructions to press some keys but you can't press them on the screen and there is no way to pull up the screen keyboard, fortunately there is a skip button.

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hey, I downloaded latest pc build of the game and have played right up until the first of the three questions at the end of the islands maze quiz but no matter how many times, I try to answer the test questions, I keep receiving a beep or buzz sound and the Answers not being Accepted even after double and even triple checking my spelling.  What do I need to do to fix this?

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Idk, it always worked. Are you sure you wrote the correct answers?









Seth, Iris, Min

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Can't get passed the Fiona picnic encounter. Her r.p. keeps going up every time I go through the scene but it won't check off as completed. Playing on version 1.0 beta. Playing on android.

Oh, ok, I'll fix that.

Same problem, 0.9 pc

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I updated both builds with a fix

Hello I need help I have obtained 80% fire resistance and 1 extra firestone.

I have obtained all 20 firestones that can be picked up, and i obtained 1 from the shop.

I lack 3 which apparently was added in the new update that can be obtained in certain puzzles that I have already accomplished before the update.

Should I start over? Well I can't obtain the snu-snu scene 

there is also that mysterious hotel thingy that has a fire resistance thing. This hasn't been added but from what I can tell it might need 100% fire resistance, and I can't obtain the other 3 firestones.


You'll get 100% resistance by quests

Hi. I can't complete selena's quest "negotiation" because it doesn't ignite in a dryad's hideout even though it should be there. The same problem with fiona, the icon that she is at the factory, but she is nowhere to be found.

Fiona should be at dryad's. Can you send me a save file, I'd take a look

How best to send?

Here or discord. 

Hi everyone. Can anybody help me with the riddles from the gatekeeper?

Some hints would be enough.

thank you in advance.

Are you planing harem ending or single girl pairing?


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what does the key open?


Having issues updating the game on Android. It's acting like the installer is corrupt. Anyone know any fixes?


O L na verdade e o número 1

O m e o n são maiúsculo


Mano vou te ajudar 

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Opa mano, por algum motivo a senha q a Selena da pra acessar a sala de dvd n tá entrando.


What are we supposed to use they key on for "An Unexpected Find"? I can't seem to find anything that it will work on or that isn't open already

game still going?


i cant visit Aqua's realm during the day on 0.6.5

look in her daily routine, she isn't every day there

portuguese translation please


Hello, I'm having issues updating the game. I'm running 0.60 and I cannot upgrade to 0.65. I'm running this on android from an lgv60

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