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I'm day 112, I have done every quest currently available and every scene too.

Except, for the one where I need 50% fire resist, because i'm short of 2 firestone.  Any idea where I should search more?

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Look in yard2, both bars, Ancient Rome, mystic hotel, cyberworld, Yui's store, factory territory, etc.

Thanks I have been looking for 50 percent for like 2 weeks I have been stuck at 45

I have the same problem again I have 55 and need 60

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Check boxes in shelter.

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Definetely a very good game. Heh, I dont say that too often and specialy about porn/hentai games. But here we got a decent story (not perfect, no, I saw better, even for games of this type, but, at least, this story is interesting... and, after all, there is always room for improving), good characters (but not much about theyr background... I hope there will be more trust and life-speaking events between MC and girls) and unusualy interesting gameplay for such game. I like it :)

Thank you, developer, for your hardwork, I definetely can see that you put much in this game. Hope you will continue to update the game. Realy, one of the very few porn games that deserve to be completed :)

P.S. Special thanks that here we get MC with some special powers and possibilitys... not overpowered (too much of power is boring), but at least he can deal with problems on his own, this is cool :)

Where are the panties for the Panty Thief 3 quest?


in Alice's and Selena's rooms. 

where is mia?

in the corridor of destiny.

is there any to skip the 2048 minigame?

In the next update(0.3.4) will be alternative options to get a wallpaper

would there also be an alternative to get the selena event chain to continue?


alright thanks for replying


Has anyone generated a list of firestone locations yet? Been round and round the bloody island more times than a cruise ship and still one short!

How do I start the anime world quest? It says to go to the wizard cabinet in the evening but I've tried several times and nothing happens. How do I trigger the quest?

Talk with Fiona there

How can i learn fireball i didnt find it please help me

bring 3 firestones to Imira

i cant find imira where is she ?

And where is imira s bar i cant find it

Click on the bed in your room in the evening.

Thanks man

Is there any MEGA  download-link?

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when you finished the game but dont have enought stones to get past 35 fire resistance

there are 18 stones in game, 8 for spells, 10 for resistance (50% is maximum in the current version). 

it feels like ive looked everywhere but i carnt seem to find the last three and ive been rechecking places everytime there a new update

I really like this story, the characters are interesting and I really love the constant free roam element. But I have to say that this game could be better by correcting the english, every now and than it's not the best. however I also have to say that I've seen wors (alot wors), and it is actually possible to understand atleast. All in all it's a good game and I like it more than I expected to.

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I am really sorry for the problems with the last two android builds(0.2.8 and 0.3). I will upload a version built in Renpy 7.35 in a few hours and will always use it for making builds. 



Hey Dev, 
Please note that there are some issues with the Re'npy's latest software update 7.4.2 as I got to know it from a wonderful developer who patiently helped me out with this issue. So, please if you are using Re'npy software to develop your game &  planning to release your latest update, then please first downgrade your software to version 7.3.5 and then release it. 
Also note that if you are going to release the  upgrades to your game using the new software and if an individual downloads & installs it, the game will not only not work but your old saved games won't work either. So before releasing it you need downgrade the software to version 7.3.5 and then release.
I had to reset my phone and lose my saves from all the games that were installed in my phone just so that we could come up with this conclusion of mine. I wouldn't want any other patron or other players to go through the same process. I'd request you to explain this situation to the Re'npy developers team and get this sorted out.

Note: This is my experience purely based on Android phone with Android version 11. I cannot vouch for any other software or OS.
Thank you for hearing me out.

yeah, I used 7.4.2 for the two last updates, I didn't know about this problem :(.  I'm not sure if I can make a build in 7.3.5. I mean it may not work with saves  of people who started play since version 0.2.8 which was built in 7.4.2

Yeah, we should have figured that out, because if you remember when you released 0.2.8, I had asked you why the new update didn't get installed in my phone, and we totally had no idea what was going on and now all my saves are gone.... But at least now we know to be careful. Please try and do your best.... I can't ask you much because I'm not a patron for any games because of few reasons and major being unemployment for the last year since the pandemic and that was about the time I started playing these games...

But I do try to help by giving my opinions on several occasions and also by sharing news with every game developer I know... So I thank you for hearing me out....

so...funny story.  uncompressed update gave my tablet a stroak.  installer kept just closing.  deleted the 2gig version and downloaded the compressed.  no problems.  downloaded clean.  install prep went great...installed to about 85% then I get the APP NOT INSTALLED pop up.    halp!  :)  its been like 50 dog years since the last update! ;)

So you couldn't install both versions or just uncompressed?

both can't install.  the compressed just went through the motions to just tell me it was not installed.  the full version buggered it so even the file maintenance installer crashed.  

if it helps...

ui 2.1

android 10

kernel 4.4.177-20048497

knox 3,5 api 31

(+1) maybe try this build. 

nope.  same result.  goes to install...gets to about 80-90% then just tells me app not installed. :/

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Cant get the drinks from the bar the arrow does not work

Which bar? Imira's?

yeah but i closed and reloaded game and it fixed it


Does anyone know the cheat codes?


Good questions since all searches show up Worlds of Whatever's version. ;) 

Hi, is there anal things in the game?

One scene so far

Will there be another in the future?


Yes, every girl will have at least one scene.

Oh yes! Thank you very much! ;D

where can I find Lina's panties?

in her room at night

Hi Dev, 

I'm trying to install this update but it says that the apps not installed, V 2.6 wasn't a problem... And I've been using the full version since the beginning... I've plenty space so that shouldn't be an issue as well... I don't understand why it isn't installing... I tried installing both full and compressed version but it still doesn't work... And if I uninstall and reinstall it again my progress will be lost because I'm using the latest Android version where it doesn't allow us to copy our saves to the data folder.. Any solution to this predicament... 

Hi, sorry, but I have no idea what could it be. 

I had the same issue, first time said it was installed but it wasn't, second installed crashed, 3rd stopped responding but offered me to wait and it completed, now its installed and runs, but if I plug in my headset the game crashed out and won't reopen unless I take headset back out, maybe something in the universal version that some android devices don't like

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Awesome game!  What was the name of the song used when mc encounters the daughters of Chronos? Lia and Mia

'Solipsism' by Deoxys Beats

Love the story so far but for some reason the latest update will not install on my phone all other updates have been fine any ideas as to why this might be?

Did you play full-sized version or compressed?

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I am pretty sure I have been playing the full version and I think I have downloaded the compressed,  I guess that is my issue thanks for the help and the awesome AVN you are creating, I will get redownloading👍

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I'm just downloading the update now but thank you for this in particular "moved girls daily routine to their quests list (it seems to be more convinient than vice versa)".

I spent a lot of time swapping between the two lists, showing the relationship level there helps a lot too.

Pretty good,  wasn't expecting puzzles so that's as far as I can go.

I love this Game. I played it straight through the night and had a really happy new year 2021. But I found only 17 Firestones and I have no idea where the last one is.

Me encanta el juego exelente tu trabajo, me gustaría saber si en un futuro el juego tendrá otros idiomas

The game is a hidden gem! The setting is interesting and feels fresh, well done. I was completely surprised by the anime pocket universe - lucky for me not to read the description, stumbling in it not forwarned was fun. 

(And you should do something with Selena's robot eyes. Maybe a WLAN driver for the laptop and use her as walking spy cam? Or as trigger for a quest [MC cannot leave the room for $reasons and he has to steer through a remote place via POV cam and direction instructions {the dreaded adventure game maze :P}]) <- all brackets closed! yeah me!

how many Firestonsare there so far and where can I finde them? I have so far raised my fire resistance to 40% and learned fireball aand how to remove seals.

there are 18 firestones

I cant get the cosplay scene

Where do you stuck?

I have completed everything else but cant seem to find the cosplay scene

Go to the second floor corridor at noon, Aeria will ask you to talk with Alice and Selena about the cosplay party, then talk to Aeria again (when she  is dressing up), then wait for Saturday

Guyzzz, anyone knows how to complete the fashionista quest....

Unlock warehouse on  map, and come to Aeria room at noon (any day except Tuesday and Saturday)


Where is the screwdriver?

In boxes in the basement

Can't complete Who wants to be a farmer quest?

Talk with Lina in warehouse, then bring potatoes to Fiona

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Is is possible to get to r.p. 5 with Lina? Im stuck at 4 and nothing seems to progress it.

Just do all her quests for 5 r.p. (two trainings, dance, and walk to warehouse)

i cant proceed with klio. she says 'do you still it' what is that suppose to mean and i dont now at which point it will happen but i still didnt lern any skill at 10th day

It's grammar mistake there(should have been 'Did you steal it?'), she asks if you stole Lina's panties .  


What are the cheat codes


Great start with wonderful characters. So much potential. Looking forward to the next release.


Very good early version, this can be amazing with enough work~

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