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I cannot click on the firestone that is in the bathroom under the table, is this a glitch or my phone being stupid, running on a Samsung galaxy A70, all other games seem to have touch sensitivity at the edge of the screen?

Idk, I made a clickable area bigger in the previous update, tested it on Redmi 9 and Samsung Tablet.

Please help me how can i complete this quests - 

1.Fiona :- You're wizard. Harry! 2 - her room, noon

2. Airia :- Photographer -Day 20+ her room noon

3.Alice :- More kitties, more fun - auto 

4.Yui :- rep. completed 'Who am i'

1. Train mana with her

2. Just wait until Cyberworld will be unlocked (20 day)

3-4 Just wait and do other quests

1. I can't train mana with fiona

2. How can i complete airia photographer quest when I go to her room at noon nothing happened

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Talk with her, and chose 'You look like you wanna ask me something'

There is not any option 'you look like you wanna ask me something'

train mana then

dont listen to the naysayers, i completed the game without any walkthroughs, hints, tips or other advantages other than what was given in the game.
maybe if anything, add a way to get out of the corridor (death with a wrong answer) so you have to go back and ask lina about her acting again if you didnt pay attention - justice, theres no reason to not pay attention to a really good story like this.
honestly, there were parts where i was skeptical, with so many weeb references, but you managed to balance them with some humour, and interesting plotlines.
but mainly, i was cackling like a sociopath most times i had a choice to make, so thats two big thumbs up from me


In the corridor of destiny, I can't remember the answer to the first question. Obviously a hint or clue would be much appreciated but my main point is that if you get it wrong, it just keeps asking and there's no way out or back. Is that correct or should you die/reset when you get one of the questions wrong?

i answered all greek and roman god to find the answer xD finally its an egyptian god :) im not telling you who it would be to easy, good luck ;)


" if you get it wrong, it just keeps asking and there's no way out or back. Is that correct or should you die/reset when you get one of the questions wrong?"
you should get it correct, because you are interested in the really interesting story and you were paying attention, instead of playing with your little dickie-bird while the girls are speaking

How do you unlock misty sex scene?

Also, I'm stuck on panty thief as i can't find the third panty.

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Misty scene happenes only if you answered her riddles

I've actually completed that for some time, but no scenes from Misty.

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you seem to have some imbalance in completing the stories. misty is at a quite progressed part of the story. but the panty thief is quite early in the story. also, you will never find the 3rd panty, it is kinda inside her.
spoiler alert^


LOL, I like the comment.  I've been carrying over all save data to each new update.  I may need to start a new game save.

3rd panties are in Alice's and Selena's rooms. It's another quest, you can't skrew up it.

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i think he is referring to the pair you cant find (selenas)..
just search her room, then report back to my cat. you'll find out why you cant find them later (she has special clothes)
Spoiler alert ^ again

How to you trigger the Green Fairy event? I can't figure out how to get back to Aqua's bar.


click on mirror in the attic at noon

Thank you! Loving the game so far! Only disappointment about the update was that it left me wishing the next one was already here!


So how do I play Tetris on Android it doesn't let me move the shapes

don't you have UI buttons?

How do I learn to fly?

talk to Imira in the evening

Hey, Arioh!

It looks like you made a little mess with new quests and events. The event with Selena and Lina happened before the quest where we discover about Rika. Also I met Yui on kitchen and I didnt even knew that she has been transfered on island.


Will  take a look

How to pass lina and aeria arc? It said find the other way to beat them.

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learn fire acceleration from Imira and a shadow step and challenge them to a duel again (will be available a new option in dialog)

Can someone tell me which spell and skill I'm missing and where I get it? 

The mission says 5 spells and 6 skills but I've got 6 spells and 4 skills with no idea where the other 2 skills are? The mission is green so I'm assuming I should be able to achieve in this load... 

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Sorry, it's a mistake there. Should be 6 spells and 5 skills. The last skill is Cat form (you get it after you and Lina help Bastet)

Love the game, it is very engaging. I know I've collected all 20 firestones, but my stats only showed 10 (and I spent them to get fire resist 50). Any way to fix that?


Did you learn spells from Imira

I have fireball, remove seals, levitation, and hide thoughts. I can't do the thing that requires 60 fire resist.

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Well, seal spell costs 5 stones and fireball costs 3, are you sure you find all 20? Or send me a save in discord or here, I'll take a look when I have free time.


Is there a list or walkthrough of where the fire stones are? I've found 15 so far.

just uploaded it here

hi just passing by to say that i love your game continue like that :D, and could i have the name of the music when gina the succubus meet lia the daughter of chronos please ^^, the music is soooo sick !!! i need to have it somewhere to listen x)

thx SOOO much, i love it !!!!

how do i get wizard skill?

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complete last Fiona's and Imira's quests

where do i find the kerosene lamp?

warehouse(ask Lina to go with you)


Man wish Aya would spend the night and have morning greets randomly :( same goes for kaiah btw any chance for a kitsune?

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Kitsune may appear in late updates, but not soon.

awsome tell then I enjoy the game more I like that every character has thought put into the. Keep up the good work 

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I've tried a few times but the android version will. not install.  even the new updated upload.  downloads fine...goes through the Install motions fine but at the end it just says 'app not installed'  
If it helps let me know if you need any other specs

UI ver 2.1
Android vr 10
Kernel Ver 4.4177-20709318
Knox 3.5

Well, I have no idea what can it be :(

Well I guess it's just another game I got to switch from Android to PC for.  YAY!  Just wish I can remember where all the Fire Stones were. :/ 

Is there NTR in game?


I checked my image gallery and saw that I am missing some. I searched every location and didn't find something. Must I play it again?

yeah, it's from the tower seal quest and from that quest where you find Selena.

Thanks. Now I have all Images.

Is there a firestone location list anywhere? I've gone through the entire outside multiple times and every safe locations(shelter, Yui's place, etc.) and I'm still at 50. I'm practically stuck at this point.

yeah, on discord server


Great update, keep up the good work!

Just got one problem - VR Helmet minigame. There is no possibility to use keyboard on android (even when using Joiplay emulator), so Im just stuck on this quest. Can you please change it a little? Maybe add keys to tap on game screen (like with password minigame) or something like this...

I'm trying to make this event work on android, at the last resort I'll make it skippable on touchscreens.

Thank you!

I need one more disk but don't know where to get it and I have no idea where I got the ones I have . 

does anyone know the locations for the disks??

Farm erasers, disks are a drop from them.

ok thx


does anybody know how to get to 60% fire resistance? can't find any stone so can't proceed with the quests

Deleted 212 days ago

Thank you for update and realy appreciate that you made rooms clickable again!

does anyone know the answers to the gatekeepers riddles?


They are google-able. 

How do I get the last r.p. for Fiona? One quest left (Voyerist dream) But I only got 7 r.p...

Game hint said - anime world, but there is nothing more to do

One r.p. you get from quest 'Don't play with magic' when you find the anime world.  

that one I've got. just one left..

Have you done her other quests? kitchen/ mana training?

Deleted 255 days ago

Selena in Daphne's shelter. Talk with Yui about crystal, then to Mia in the Corridor of Destiny entrance

Daphne's Shelter?

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Ahahah... oh, ok, I think I got it :D

SPOILERS BELOW, you are warned :)








So, MC is actualy ancestor of fire goddess from the mother's side and son of the warlock/necromancer from father's side. Interesting, maybe we will have a possibility to use one or two dark magic spells (maybe even it could be possible to decide during battles with erassers to use fire or darkness). But what more interesting - his father have a daughter with dark magic powers on the side. Aaaand what do we have here? Ok, no need to play aroud, my guess is that Alice is MC's sister :D

She told that her family are ordinary people (yeah, a warlock that is born in ordinary family, ofcourse)... but also told, that her father always considered her as not his daughter. Sooo... Im sure on 99% that my gues is right :D

I definetely want to see continuation of this arc in the next update :)

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Is it just me or in last update 0.3.6 gameplay became simpler in a bad way? Honestly I much more prefere the old one, where you could tap on objects on your own (desk, bed, laptop and etc), now it is just menu with options. The feeling of your "presence" in the game world degraded significantly.

Well, I changed mc's and girls' rooms because some screens were a bit glitchy sometimes, also animated backgrounds bad work with clickable screens (e.g. yard).

Hmm... Im playing on android using PC version with Joiplay emulator and everything was great... But, I gues, there are different devices.

Anyway, the game is still good one, thank you for update :)


How can I increase the flight time ?

Speak with Imira about this.

I'm day 112, I have done every quest currently available and every scene too.

Except, for the one where I need 50% fire resist, because i'm short of 2 firestone.  Any idea where I should search more?

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Look in yard2, both bars, Ancient Rome, mystic hotel, cyberworld, Yui's store, factory territory, etc.

Thanks I have been looking for 50 percent for like 2 weeks I have been stuck at 45

I have the same problem again I have 55 and need 60

Deleted 105 days ago

Check boxes in shelter.

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Definetely a very good game. Heh, I dont say that too often and specialy about porn/hentai games. But here we got a decent story (not perfect, no, I saw better, even for games of this type, but, at least, this story is interesting... and, after all, there is always room for improving), good characters (but not much about theyr background... I hope there will be more trust and life-speaking events between MC and girls) and unusualy interesting gameplay for such game. I like it :)

Thank you, developer, for your hardwork, I definetely can see that you put much in this game. Hope you will continue to update the game. Realy, one of the very few porn games that deserve to be completed :)

P.S. Special thanks that here we get MC with some special powers and possibilitys... not overpowered (too much of power is boring), but at least he can deal with problems on his own, this is cool :)

Where are the panties for the Panty Thief 3 quest?


in Alice's and Selena's rooms. 

where is mia?

in the corridor of destiny.

is there any to skip the 2048 minigame?

In the next update(0.3.4) will be alternative options to get a wallpaper

would there also be an alternative to get the selena event chain to continue?


alright thanks for replying

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